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Per our governing documents, in 2025 the Cotton Ranch Homeowners Association (HOA) will be dissolved unless we receive a YES vote from two- thirds (2/3) of all property owners to approve the continuation of our HOA.




The HOA was constructed by the original developer to terminate at this date for reasons unknown, however, that is the reality we all face. This communication is to make all owners aware of this issue and to let you know that a ballot will be arriving, and action is needed by every owner. 




The official vote will take place on October 25, 2023 at the Creekside Grill, 2nd Floor. Homeowners have the option to vote in advance via a Proxy Form. If you complete a Proxy Form, you do not need to attend the meeting.




Property Values!

Property Values!

Property Values!


It is through the covenants and design review guidelines that Cotton Ranch, Sky Legend and Villas areas remain the premier development in Gypsum. By voting YES, we will be able to continue forward as Gypsum’s leading neighborhood.




  1. Abolishing the HOA will most likely have a negative effect on your property value. 

  2. At $300 per year in HOA dues this is one of the best values in Eagle County. Many developments charge that much or more per month. 

  3. The HOA serves as a representative of all owners with the Town of Gypsum and the Gypsum Creek Golf Course when discussing plans that impact the community. This ensures that we have direct input into decisions that might benefit or detract from our community. 

  4. Ensuring that design guidelines are met when building new homes or maintaining current ones has a direct effect on property values. Without our existing guidelines there will be dramatic shifts in the overall quality, look, and value of properties in the community. 

  5. The HOA maintains the common area of the community. Because of this maintenance, one receives the feeling of a quality development when entering our neighborhood. 

  6. The HOA contracts to plow the sidewalks during the winter months so residents may walk through our neighborhood safely. We also work with the town to address any street plowing issues that arise. 

  7. The dog stations throughout the community are maintained by the HOA. Without dog stations, there would be nowhere for pet owners to dispose of their waste.

  8. A covenant enforcement person ensures that standards are met within the community and that all our neighbors are respecting our guidelines.

  9. The HOA is the only way to collectively communicate with owners and answer questions as they arise within the community. It is also able to communicate any concerns to the Town of Gypsum. 

  10. The HOA acts as a liaison with the Cotton Ranch Metro District to communicate issues that arise with the non-potable water system and the pay off of bonds owed by the district. 




The HOA Board and Design Review Committees are volunteer groups. The two committees are elected by the owners and receive no pay, but are advocates for maintaining the quality of life that we’ve come to expect. We urge you to vote YES to extend the HOW


Voting will take place on October 25, 2023 at a Special Meeting held at the Creekside Grill, 2nd Floor. Homeowners have the option of voting in person at that meeting or in advance by completing this Proxy Form. Please return the completed proxy forms by emailing them to or mailing them to Cotton Ranch HOA, PO Box 192, Gypsum, CO 81637.

Thank you!

Q&A Notes From August 24th Informational Meeting

Top 10 Benefits

2025 Expiration

Provides architectural control for the community of Cotton Ranch and is responsible for reviewing and approving all new construction, renovations, and exterior improvements.

Master HOA for the valley floor and upper bench providing common area maintenance to the community.

A quasi-municipal corporation that finances the infrastructure of the Cotton Ranch Development, primarily irrigation.

Sitting on the upper bench of Cotton Ranch, Sky Legend HOA is responsible for the maintenance of limited common elements. It also is responsible for some infrastructure not owned by the town of Gypsum.

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