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The Cotton Ranch Homeowners' Association was formed in February 1996 to provide architectural control to all structures in the community and to provide the care, maintenance, and preservation to the common areas and facilities within Cotton Ranch in an effort to promote the health, safety, and welfare of the owners within the community.


The Association is primarily responsible for the maintenance of common areas, including landscaped areas and enforcement of Association guidelines and covenants.  All residential properties within both Sky Legend and the valley floor are members of the Association and pay annual dues towards the associated operating costs.


The Association is governed by a seven member Board of Directors, which meet on a quarterly basis, normally at Creekside Clubhouse & Grill.  Please check the calendar to confirm date, time and location if you plan to attend.  The Association also holds an annual member meeting in March of each year at the Creekside Clubhouse & Grill.  

The meeting calendar is adopted at at the end of the prior year and is subject to change based on Director's availability.  Upcoming meeting agendas are posted on this page about one week prior to the meeting.

Cotton Ranch Homeowners' Association

Board of Directors

Ruth Powers, President - Term Expires 2024

David Nordin, Secretary - Term Expires 2023

Beric Christiansen - Term Expires 2022

Karl Gunzelman - Term Expires 2022

Owen Lococo - Term Expires 2022

Michael Coggins - Term Expires 2023

Matt Mueller - Term Expires 2024

About Us

Provides architectural control for the community of Cotton Ranch and is responsible for reviewing and approving all new construction, renovations, and exterior improvements.

Master HOA for the valley floor and upper bench providing common area maintenance to the community.

A quasi-municipal corporation that finances the infrastructure of the Cotton Ranch Development, primarily irrigation.

Sitting on the upper bench of Cotton Ranch, Sky Legend HOA is responsible for the maintenance of limited common elements. It also is responsible for some infrastructure not owned by the town of Gypsum.

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