Homeowners will have the opportunity to participate in a community-wide garage sale on June 12th. Interested participants should notify the HOA by May 28th that they would like to be included. Advertisements for the event will be in the newspaper the first week in June Any questions, please contact


The Cotton Ranch community will host a pool party for all members on July 10th. The event will take place at the Gypsum Creek Clubhouse Pool from 12-4pm. The event will include a BBQ with food being served from 12-2pm.


A community event that brings friends, neighbors, and families together to celebrate Colorado and rural mountain fun. The event will take place July 16-17th


Every year, the Cotton Ranch community hosts Breakfast with Santa at the Gypsum Creekside Grill. The date is typically the first Saturday in December. Check back for details on this year's date to posted in early November.

Social Events

Provides architectural control for the community of Cotton Ranch and is responsible for reviewing and approving all new construction, renovations, and exterior improvements.

Master HOA for the valley floor and upper bench providing common area maintenance to the community.

A quasi-municipal corporation that finances the infrastructure of the Cotton Ranch Development, primarily irrigation.

Sitting on the upper bench of Cotton Ranch, Sky Legend HOA is responsible for the maintenance of limited common elements. It also is responsible for some infrastructure not owned by the town of Gypsum.